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Re: [TR] Let's sue!

Subject: Re: [TR] Let's sue!
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 16:14:23 EST
I rented a car in Connecticut this past summer and was told when I picked  up 
the car that I would be fined $100 if caught talking on my cell phone.  
There is little difference between talking with occupants in the car and  
talking "hands free" on a cell phone.  
Based upon your argument, one could conclude that giving someone the finger  
while driving is a form of communication and therefore a distraction.  I do  
not want to see my right to freely give the finger while driving taken  away.  
In Florida it is an essential part of driving a car. 
David  Lylis
69 TR6 CC26160L
60 TR3A TS74461LO

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