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[TR] Re:UNCLOGGING Weld-Thru Aerosol?

Subject: [TR] Re:UNCLOGGING Weld-Thru Aerosol?
From: don spence <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 11:59:52 -0700
One of the functions of the head or button is to open the valve in  
the top of the can to release paint and propellant. In most cans,  
designed to be used in the upright position, there is a tube inside  
that reaches down to the bottom of the can so you get to use the  
paint and not just the propellant, Holding the can upside down  
releases only propellant as the tube does not now dip into the paint.  
To recover the paint from a can with a clogged spray head, assuming  
you can't clean or replace it, drive a small diameter nail through a  
six inch square pice of 1/4" plywood, place in a clean bucket, put  
the spray can in the bucket, loosely cover with clear plastic  
sheeting to prevent paint escaping, (do not seal as the propellant  
needs to escape) and holding the can inverted, place it on the nail  
point (put the nail point in the hole the spray head goes in) and  
press to release the propellant.  When the propellant is ALL gone you  
can safely puncture the can and pour the contents out.

The above is a suggestion only and is not to be construed as advice.   

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> Subject: Re: [TR] UNCLOGGING Weld-Thru Aerosol?
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> Be sure  to use a large container as there will be some splashing.   
> Also
> there
> will be some of the paint spewed at random as you invert the can so be
> prepared
> for for that eventuality (ie: spread out some newspaper or   
> something).
> If there is an award for the understatement of the year, this has  
> got  to be
> a qualifier.  I agree, spread out some newspaper, like the print  
> run  of the
> New York Times Sunday edition.  I have tried this and I am sorry  
> to  say that
> the middle of the yard was not far enough away from the house.

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