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Re: [TR] xmas ignition????????????

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Subject: Re: [TR] xmas ignition????????????
From: "Geo & Kathleen Hahn" <>
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 11:42:28 -0700
Separate things but inter-related.

You will always set the points first as changing the points gap will
(slightly) change the timing.  Then you can set the timing by rotating the
distributor or (if little change is needed) adjusting the vernier.

Next on my list is syncing the carbs as the engine doesn't not have to be
warm for that and then adjusting the mixture (since the engine will have got
warmed up while I synced the carbs).  Finally a road-test for final timing
adjustments, then a look at the plugs.

But some of that is aways down the road for you I guess.


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Subject: [TR] xmas ignition????????????

> Isin't setting the points and setting the timing both doing the exact same
> thing?
> IOW, if one offsets the points this can be counteracted by the timing 
> being
> offset (in the opposite direction)?
> Thanks, Paul Dorsey 

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