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Re: [TR] wires for top/ or side mount dizzy caps?

To: "'list Triumph'" <>
Subject: Re: [TR] wires for top/ or side mount dizzy caps?
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 22:28:24 -0800
> Is it a 'messy' conversion to 
> get them to fit an original NOS distributor cap having  'side 
> terminals?'

Not messy, but unreliable, IMO.  Those are "carbon core" wires; and my
experience has been that the carbon will burn out around where the pointed
setscrews in the original TR3 cap penetrate the conductor.  The resulting
high resistance leads to poor running and eventually misfire.

But you might have better luck than I did.  To do the "conversion", just cut
the wire to the appropriate length with a knife or heavy scissors.  Loosen
the setscrew, insert the wire into the cap and tighten the screw.

But again IMO, if you want to run carbon core wires, it would be better to
install a cap with push-on terminals, like from an MGB.  For example,


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