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[TR] Lucas Starter Squeal

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Subject: [TR] Lucas Starter Squeal
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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 10:24:47 -0700
Just tried to fire up the TR yesterday after installing my new head studs.
The stock Lucas starter on my TR3 started acting real weak at the end of
last season but did get me going.  While in the shop, a reputable Brit car
guy, for other things I asked the mechanic about it and he said it needed to
be re-built.  The problem is that is will try to turn the motor and act as
if the battery is very low, if it cannot turn the motor it will start to
emit a squeal that sounds almost like a fan belt slipping.
Cables are new from the new battery to the solenoid to the starter and all
the connections are tight and clean.  Is it possible that the solenoid is
sucking the power along the way?  The fully charged battery will spin the
motor for a few seconds then die to the squeal then nothing, even with a 50a
booster attached.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, TIA.
Bill Beecher
'58 TR-3A TS30766L  "Tarbaby"
"A Triumph is man's best friend, it always comes when it is called...of
course, some times it is difficult to make it go"

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