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[TR] Stag exhaust mounting

Subject: [TR] Stag exhaust mounting
From: Frank Magnusson <>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2019 11:41:20 -0600
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Hi all,

I've got a question on the exhaust mounting on a Stag.

I'm fitting a new stainless exhaust system from Rimmers and a bracket came with 
the mounting kit (158382) which is shown as the mounting bracket for the 
downpipes at the end where they attach to the mufflers.  On the gearbox, the 
upper mounting bracket thst attaches to the tailshaft has a bracket coming off 
it that drops down with two holes in it.  My old downpipes were attached 
directly to this bracket.

So where does this exhaust mounting bracket go and what does it attach to?  Its 
triangular so to speak and has 3 mounting holes.  2 would attach to the 
downpipes presumably, but where does that bracket attach to with the 3rd hole?  
The catalog shows a bolt with no nut implying it screws into a nutplate.  Does 
this bracket attach to one of the holes on the gearbox upper mounting bracket?  

Stumped.  A picture would help.  Mine is a manual gearbox with A type OD, but 
it looks like the gearbox upper mounting bracket and this downpipe mounting 
bracket are common to all except the type 65 box.

Any help appreciated.

'72 Stag
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