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[TR] British Parts Common to a Number of Marques

To: triumphs <>
Subject: [TR] British Parts Common to a Number of Marques
From: Bud Rolofson <>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 16:50:05 -0700

I have an opportunity to go to Cuba in the near future and have researched the 
British Car scene there and next to the Cadillacs and Buick Roadmasters left 
behind by the Mafia in 1959, and a bunch of Chevys, there are a few British 
Sports Cars in Cuba. They donâ??t get the inflow of British parts that the 
American parts get so Iâ??m thinking of taking a few interchangeable parts 
amongst British cars such as tie rods, bearings, etc. that they might make use 
of (along with some new baseballs for the kids). 

I know they are very creative in making those cars still run but I thought a 
few harder to get parts, that you just canâ??t take off the washing machine, 
might be nice. 

Iâ??ve heard suspension/steering parts are sought after due to the potholes 
ever present. So I have some Spitfire tie rods that might also fit MGs and some 
other such parts that might be interchangeable.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe U-joints? I do have to take clothes so 
nothing too heavy please.


Extreme Parts Racing (more than just a haircut)

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71 Spitfire MK IV Race Car #3
69 Spitfire MK III (back up FE engine/dinghy car)
93 Minnie Winnie Race Support Vehicle 
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