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[TR] TR3 Lever Shock Replacement

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Subject: [TR] TR3 Lever Shock Replacement
From: William Brewer <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2022 12:15:14 -0800
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      The shocks in my 1960 TR3 are completely shot. I have a set of NOS 
shocks and links and will be changing them out soon.

      Question: The original mounting holes are elongated and ovaled. I 
have considered either welding a plate on the outside face of the mounts 
and drilling new holes or making some sort of thick washers that I would 
weld on to the backside of the mounting bracket. Is this really 
necessary? Has anyone else mounted new shocks with ovaled holes in the? 
Do the shocks rattle around or do the mounting bolts hold them tight 
enough that this doesn't happen?


      -Bill in Morro Bay

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