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[TR] Standard Vanguard Heads

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Subject: [TR] Standard Vanguard Heads
From: William Brewer <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2022 09:55:58 -0800
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Hi All,

      I have had three Standard Vanguard engined cars (2 Morgans and a 
Triumph Renown). I am down to one Morgan now (and a TR3). The original 
Standard Vanguard engine was modded by Ken Richardson into the TR2 
engine. You can recognize a Standard Vanguard head because all of the 
ports are round and in a straight line.

      Does anyone on the Triumphs list have an odd Standard Vanguard 
head lying around that they would part with? I am looking for a spare.

      I bought a SV head from a friend of a lister years ago, but used 
it on one of my SV engined cars that I sold.


      -Bill in Morro Bay

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