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Re: Info needed Zink Petite

Subject: Re: Info needed Zink Petite
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 13:25:19 EDT
Bill Fleming, who runs with RMVR, has at least three Zinks and is in touch 
with Zink himself. Bill has an FV, an FF and a sports-racer. He lives in 
Colorado (Denver I think).
Harold Pace
former Zink FV racer

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<< I am looking for any information on a car my father (by marrage) raced in
the early 60's in the H Modified class. It was a Zink Petite built by Ed
Zink and had a 850cc DKW engine. I know very little about the car(s) and
was wondering if anyone knew any more about it and if it still exists.
The small amount of info I have found can be seen at

John Goethert

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Subject: Info needed Zink Petite
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