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"To Please a Lady" is a good choice.  Features the Don Lee Special from
1948.  Movie was made in 1950.  It was also released as "Red Hot Wheels".
Gable was a "car guy".  In it he tells Barbara Stanwyck  "Listen Baby, I can
handle you, you're just another dame to me".

Racing Luck was made in 1941 and again in 1948.

How about "Devil on Wheels" from 1947?

Now that you all think I am a trivia champ, I will reveal my secret:  The Internet Movie Database.  Way more there than you will
ever want to know.  I really did know the part about the Don Lee Special.

Pat Ryan

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Green Helmet was 50s.  "To Please A Lady" with Clark Gable would be
close to the time period.  There was another...something like "Spinning
Wheels", that would be totally period correct.

Rick Yocum
Old Enough to Know

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the green helmet?

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> Dear Listers,
> We are having a mural painted in our Museum to depict a scene from our
> downtown.  The movie theater marquee is in need of a "title".  Any
> ideas?
> Vroom, vroom,
> Jeff

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