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Re: Ownership tracing

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Subject: Re: Ownership tracing
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Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 12:07:40 EDT
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Hello John,
    Your Tracking info holds true for the UK, but most of the first 
destinations in the USA may have been dealers, or importers that forwarded 
the cars to dealers, or were Despatched to the main offices for British 
Leyland in the USA (as from your book).  Most of those dealers and main 
offices are long gone out of business.  For example, my Stag came into 
British Leyland Motor, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida, despatched June 5 1973 
according to the BMIHT certificate.  It was first titled in Colorado, but 
Jacksonville was the distribution point for Triumphs coming west.  So from 
Florida, loaded onto lorries and trucked across the USA to the various 
dealerships.  Some sat for more than a year before being sold, or were 
shipped again to another B/L dealership in another state for sale.
    It seems the best tracking for the US is to back track from current to 
previous owners, which many have found leads to a dead end (ouch).  ;-(

Glenn  Merrell
Triumph Stag Register USA VP
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