Killer Spitfire Project

In case you've managed to actually get this far in my pages without realizing it, I enjoy working on Triumphs, and driving them in autocross competition. To this end, I am building a car just for that purpose, an early round tail Spitfire. And of course, doing development work on Team Fat products.

In truth, I had been *talking* about this project for quite some number of years, and finally the car has been completed to the point of where it has been competing for a few years on the autocross scene. It is still not complete, though here it is June, 1999, and we may finally this month get the body and paint work done on the bonnet. We shal see.

5 May 1996: My codriver Pugs Pivirotto and I get the suspension, brakes and all four wheels on the frame. The frame was sandblasted and painted in October of 1993. We have NOT been working too quickly on this project. At the moment, it looks like:

[Image: Spitfire frame & suspension]

30-aug-96: Getting closer. The body is now securely bolted to the frame, the roll bar is almost ready to go in. The current target is to have the thing driveable for the ucoming Intermountain Vintage Racing hillclimb coming up on Sept. 21/22

1995's incarnation of the various Trick Racing, uh, Stuff was a red 1974 Spit (yes, the one pictured at the top level of my pages) known as Junior.

7 April 1997: Wow, almost a year later than the last picture. THIS year we WILL get the car done. Here's what it looks like now.

[Image: Spitfire bodywork]

September, 1997 - The car makes it to the SCCA Solo II Nationals, in Topeka, Kansas. Still two toned, the interior is not finished, but it makes it there. I turn in a fairly respectable mid pack performance, just 1.4 seconds out of the trophies. Drat. I'll be back.

June 1999 - Still haven't finished the body work. At least after blasting the bonnet, doing a little welding and banging, the bondo is now all fresh!

[Image: Killer on Course]

Summer 2001 - Getting closer. A little autocross, some racing with IVR out at Wendover, Utah.

[Image: Killer on Track]