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David Greed greed at wave.co.nz
Tue Mar 9 12:25:33 MST 2010

I'm still lurking...

2500S with clutch problems, and no time to fix them... Car now normally
driven by teenage sons...

Also have a Stag, with no time to drive it at the moment, and the weather
has been perfect here in NZ of late :(


David Greed
79 2500S Man O/D
74 Stag Man O/D

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Hi Joe and Jamie
It would seem it's just the three of us left using this listing, but better 
than none.
I'm in the UK, Thanks Jamie for the info about the Triumph models that were 
sent out from here, It has filled in a bit of info that sometimes is not 
understood about the range exports.

I have a web site with my collection, news, info, photos,etc. I am a real 
Triumph nut, sometimes told I need help!! actually I'm quite often told.


Hit the link or copy and paste into your browser and see MY Triumph Disease.

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