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Jamie - great history lesson on the USA imports so thanks for that - you've
been quite "the ambassador" for the non Stag/TR line of the marquee over
there from what I can see.

BTW - good to see some action on the list - I better keep my rantings and
posts a little shorter than the last history lesson on my son - sorry about
that, but was a good tale to tell if not only to check that under throttle
pedal plunger.


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Joe, here's the list (post-war, anyway):

Small numbers of Ph. 1 Vanguards and Renowns made their way over here, but
not many.
The Mayflower was designed for the US but was a dismal failure over here.
I own the single Vanguard Sportsman that was supposed to replace the Renown
but was never launched here...shown at the '56 New York Auto Show but never
Standard-Triumph got more serious with the 10; it was sold over here as a
Triumph 10 rather than a Standard 10, both sedans and estates were sold,
although not too many.
Next up was the Herald, sold mainly as a convertible over here, and we also
got a version of the Mk. I Vitesse 1600, again mostly convertibles, sold
over here as the Triumph Sports 6.  I'm not saying Heralds are common, but
they are probably the most plentiful Triumph sedan on this side of the pond.

In '65-'66-'67, Triumph imported just over 1800 2000 Mk. I sedans.  Not a
success; too expensive vs. American v-8's, etc.  That was their final
attempt at bringing over a family car.

All others are private imports; my Estate was special ordered for US use
from Triumph of Ireland (Eire), and my sedan was also special ordered,
picked up in Coventry and driven on the continent for about a year and a
half and then shipped back to the US.

We didn't get any PI's (heck, we didn't get any TR6 PI's either!) or
Mk.II's...or Dolemites/Toledos/etc...

I am putting a TR6 engine/OD tranny (but the OD is from a 2000) into the
Estate, as the BW35 and original engine were toast and I don't like
automatics anyway...

You can see my blog on the refurbishment at http://2000estate.blogspot.com

Hope this helps!  Great to hear from you!


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>Jamie and Mike and others, I guess from your posts you are both USA based.
>I have a question. What range of Triumph Saloons were exported to the
>I never realized there was any but from your collections I'm thinking they
>must have.
>I noticed you are all referring to 2000 range so can I assume there were no
>2500cc cars as in Mk2 series.
>My collection are all 2500's mostly injected. Were there any injected
>saloons sold in USA (Mk1 or Mk2).???
>My Triumph disease actually was my mums fault as she owned a 1971 Mk2 2000
>way back at my impressionable age of 16 years - from then I had to have
>I remember that thing revved very smoothly - more so than the longer stroke
>2500 - but I always complained to my parents about why they didn't buy the
>PI so I bought my own, albeit some years later and alas not brand new like
>theirs. Re how it revved - just goes to show you should not let your
>sons borrow your new cars - I have remembered this for my sons however.
>Anyway, good to hear from many of the members - can't think of much more
>interesting to say at the moment ... at some time I would like to talk
>performance enhancements you may have all done - engine/suspension.
>One of my cars, 2500PI Mk1 69 overdrive, was converted by previous owner to
>TR6 cam with injection - not sure if he got it quite right as I'm sure it
>should go a little better than it does - maybe more on that later.
>Another thing I would like to do is post some photos but excuse my
>but don't know the best way to go about this using the list or otherwise.

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