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Well, thank you, sir!  :-)

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>Jamie - great history lesson on the USA imports so thanks for that - you've
>been quite "the ambassador" for the non Stag/TR line of the marquee over
>there from what I can see.
>BTW - good to see some action on the list - I better keep my rantings and
>posts a little shorter than the last history lesson on my son - sorry about
>that, but was a good tale to tell if not only to check that under throttle
>pedal plunger.
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>Joe, here's the list (post-war, anyway):
>Small numbers of Ph. 1 Vanguards and Renowns made their way over here, but
>not many.
>The Mayflower was designed for the US but was a dismal failure over here.
>I own the single Vanguard Sportsman that was supposed to replace the Renown
>but was never launched here...shown at the '56 New York Auto Show but never
>Standard-Triumph got more serious with the 10; it was sold over here as a
>Triumph 10 rather than a Standard 10, both sedans and estates were sold,
>although not too many.
>Next up was the Herald, sold mainly as a convertible over here, and we also
>got a version of the Mk. I Vitesse 1600, again mostly convertibles, sold
>over here as the Triumph Sports 6.  I'm not saying Heralds are common, but
>they are probably the most plentiful Triumph sedan on this side of the pond.
>In '65-'66-'67, Triumph imported just over 1800 2000 Mk. I sedans.  Not a
>success; too expensive vs. American v-8's, etc.  That was their final
>attempt at bringing over a family car.
>All others are private imports; my Estate was special ordered for US use
>from Triumph of Ireland (Eire), and my sedan was also special ordered,
>picked up in Coventry and driven on the continent for about a year and a
>half and then shipped back to the US.
>We didn't get any PI's (heck, we didn't get any TR6 PI's either!) or
>Mk.II's...or Dolemites/Toledos/etc...
>I am putting a TR6 engine/OD tranny (but the OD is from a 2000) into the
>Estate, as the BW35 and original engine were toast and I don't like
>automatics anyway...
>You can see my blog on the refurbishment at http://2000estate.blogspot.com
>Hope this helps!  Great to hear from you!
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>>Jamie and Mike and others, I guess from your posts you are both USA based.
>>I have a question. What range of Triumph Saloons were exported to the
>>I never realized there was any but from your collections I'm thinking they
>>must have.
>>I noticed you are all referring to 2000 range so can I assume there were no
>>2500cc cars as in Mk2 series.
>>My collection are all 2500's mostly injected. Were there any injected
>>saloons sold in USA (Mk1 or Mk2).???
>>My Triumph disease actually was my mums fault as she owned a 1971 Mk2 2000
>>way back at my impressionable age of 16 years - from then I had to have
>>I remember that thing revved very smoothly - more so than the longer stroke
>>2500 - but I always complained to my parents about why they didn't buy the
>>PI so I bought my own, albeit some years later and alas not brand new like
>>theirs. Re how it revved - just goes to show you should not let your
>>sons borrow your new cars - I have remembered this for my sons however.
>>Anyway, good to hear from many of the members - can't think of much more
>>interesting to say at the moment ... at some time I would like to talk
>>performance enhancements you may have all done - engine/suspension.
>>One of my cars, 2500PI Mk1 69 overdrive, was converted by previous owner to
>>TR6 cam with injection - not sure if he got it quite right as I'm sure it
>>should go a little better than it does - maybe more on that later.
>>Another thing I would like to do is post some photos but excuse my
>>but don't know the best way to go about this using the list or otherwise.
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