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mike mrajic at telus.net
Fri Jul 18 11:06:48 MDT 2008

Some of you might recall, I organized a donation drive to raise funds to buy 
pre-paid calling cards for American and Canadian troops overseas. In about a 
month over the winter holidays, we collectively raised $1853. Great success 
by any measure.

I hadn't thought about it recently, until I received a couple of emails from 
past donors asking if I would be doing it again anytime soon. The short 
answer was no; but if the will is there, I'd have no problem dedicating time 
to it again. The process is easy. So here we are. 

I've received donations/pledges of $2050 in the last week.

With all that is happening with the housing and job markets and fuel prices, 
it might be a stretch for some; so do what you can, IF you can. If you care 
to donate at this time you can send a donation of $5, 10, ??? to the paypal 
account troopcalls at gmail.com .

As in the past, I'll post first name and last name initials (unless you tell 
me you want to stay anonymous) and as card purchases are made, the donors 
will receive a purchase receipt via email. No tax deductions for you or me. 
I'll keep an updated list here and you can follow along:


For those not familiar with what we did, below is a link that takes you back 
to the original drive:


Any questions, just drop me a line.

Best of the summer to all,

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