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Tue Jun 24 09:43:00 MDT 2008

For those on autojumble (understandably) skittish about attachments, and for folks elsewhere who have not heard about this.

Fisher and Elizabeth Jones have been a part of our British-cars community for a long time.  They were very kind to me when I was down there to pick up my TR4 in year 2000.  I am extremely sorry for their present trouble.  I hope the Texas britcar community will rally around Elizabeth.   -Phil Ethier

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Greetings everyone,

        I've been a member of this and several other lists for between 12 and 15 years, admittedly in lurk mode for the last several years.

        My husband used to have a maintenance and repair shop in San Antonio, TX until he went into semi retirement some 14 years ago. 
        He didn't get rid of ANYTHING.

        I'm sure you know how that goes, maybe I won't be able to get another .................. whatever.

        He isn't a particularly tidy individual, either, so, the result is that our place is a treasure trove, or a horrendous mess, depending on your point of view.

        He always promised me that he would get the place sorted out, and that everything would be in a proper place  -  you know, all the cars, body parts in one place, engine parts here, carbs there, trannies there etc.

        I'm sure you guessed it, it never did really happen.  No matter.

         Last November, during the week of Thanksgiving, he suffered two strokes in quick succession, which resulted in damage to the neurons in his brain, and he now has progressive dementia.  

        It has taken me several months to get to this point, but I have decided to divest myself of all of his 'collection'.  There are several bodies, in varying states of disrepair, lots of very used body parts; suspension parts, and parts about which I have no idea.  There is a pole barn packed to the gills with 'stuff'; an eighteen wheeler trailer with stuff (cranks, cams, brake stuff, air filters, clutches etc); an indeterminate number of transmissions, in various conditions; blocks galore etc. etc. etc.  There is even a fiber glass Camaro body!!!  There are several Porsche cases, and maybe other related parts.

        Most of it is British, mainly MGB or Midget stuff, with odd bits of Triumph and Mini, maybe even a few Healey parts.  Kip Lankenau (of Kip Motors) may be interested in buying the NOS pieces that we still have for all manner of cars, but there really is a lot of 'stuff'.

        So, being practical, I just need to get rid of it.  I do not have the time to try to inventory any of it (I don't even know what it all is), so I don't intend to use eBay or similar avenues to do it.  I can arrange to have it hauled off for scrap, but it occurred to me that if there was anything that any of you might be interested in, you ought to have first go rather than just scrap it all.  I don't intend to put a price on anything, I'd leave that up to the individual.  I intend to keep my own B, and those of my daughters, so I do want to keep spare blocks and trannies for them.  

        Ergo, beginning the weekend of July 4th, I'm having a rummage ( and I do mean rummage) sale.  I will not look to see if we have a .............. I really don't have the time.  I am far too busy looking after my husband and the rest of my family.  I'm sorry if that sounds arrogant, I don't mean it to, I'm just being realistic.  I'm not a young woman, and my time is entirely spent in looking after them.  My plan is to make every weekend available until it is all gone, so that means either taken by Brit auto fans, or hauled to the scrap yard, whichever comes first.  I don't want to try to make anyone feel obligated, you obviously aren't, I'm just letting you know about it.

        We are situated just outside of Comfort, TX, north and west of San Antonio, about 12 miles from I 10.  Anyone wanting directions is welcome to email me.  If I can help, I will, but don't expect too much.  I'd rather you brought your own tools if you planned to dismantle anything - I will need to hang onto his tools for working on my own car, and the shop is slated for a more careful inspection when I have more space and time.

        Thanks for your time, I really appreciate you sticking with me 'till the end of my message

elizabeth Jones
fisher at hctc.net

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