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Try this... Jon

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I? do not see it in the text below. Do I have to sign into flickr perhaps for that??

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As I still have these units I have reconsidered what there?value might be. I have dropped the price considerably to hopefully sell.? I have sold these type of units in the past for twice the money but then I live in Phoenix AZ.

I have photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bmcspares/sets/72157603991231910/


The units are all out of MGB's?and are marked accordingly.????These are the?dash components with the evaporators in them, the switch's are included as was any wiring harness that came with them. None of them come with compressors,?condensers,? and all hoses would have to be made up to fit.??? 

The prices?in the text is my asking price, I am open to all reasonable offers.? All shipping will be actual costs plus $10 for shipping and handling due to box costs and packing materials.? I take money orders and checks. All checks will have to?clear our bank prior to shipping.

Jon Nyhus
British Motor Classics, Ltd.
Phoenix AZ

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