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Michael Porter mdporter at dfn.com
Wed Jul 8 14:02:35 MDT 2009

... for the moment.

I'm reaching the point where I have to decide about surviving into 
retirement or keeping up with a hobby I can't afford.  I never made much 
money when I was working, and was laid off, more or less permanently, at 
the age of 56.  The company for which I last worked failed, started, 
failed again, started again, then failed yet again and is still in 
bankruptcy.  That work was the only reason why I stayed where I am, and 
I've been able to work a little over three months for them in the last 
nearly six years.  I have a very small house which I can't sell, and I 
have no space left in which to do any real work toward getting cars 
done, and have lots of stuff eating up money sitting in storage.  I'm 
pretty much going to have to live on abbreviated Social Security and the 
crunch has finally come.

So, I'm thinking about disposing of everything mechanical so I can find 
a place to retire in which I'd be more comfortable, but, obviously, I 
can't do that unless I can dispose of most everything that's an anchor 
keeping me here.

So, I'm putting up everything for sale, with the proviso that I've got 
to get guarantees from buyers for virtually everything for sale before I 
commit to selling.  Doesn't make sense to be tied to this location 
because some percentage of the total can't be unloaded at a reasonable 
price.   Many items were put in storage because of the local code 
nazis.  I'll provide plenty of detail and asking prices upon request.  
Here's the abbreviated inventory list:

Triiumphs, in no particular order.

1971 GT6
1980 TR7
1966? TR4A IRS
1964 TR4
1970 GT6


1986 Nissan 300ZX
1986 Nissan 300ZX (no, that's not a stutter on the enter key).
1970-or so Bridgeport vertical milling machine, 42" table, 3-phase, 5 hp 
drive, ways are not perfect, but serviceable.
Enco 9x27 lathe--good for small items and about twenty years old, with 
only occasional use.
P&H 3-phase 400A Tig/Stick welder.  A fuckin' brute.  800 lbs of iron 
and copper, with a set of casters installed by a pretend engineer.  
Somewhat of an effort to move around. Virtually antique spark-gap 
high-voltage generator for Tig work, but, hey, it does the job. Just 
needs water plumbing, foot pedal, a torch and a flowmeter/gas supply. 
Downside--can't do aluminum welding very well--DC only in Tig mode and 
no HV AC.  Very, very good for carbon and stainless steel, though.  I 
built _large_ experimental machines for the coal processing industry 
with this welder.

A real challenge--1968 VW camper, with a 1756cc Lancia twincam which I 
installed, oh, about 25 years ago.  After ten years of hard use, I put 
full synthetic oil in it and the old, tired engine almost immediately 
shit the bed because of not enough oil pressure as the oil too easily 
ran out of the worn mains.  Complete, right down to a worn red-leather 
driver's seat from the Lancia and a side-mounted radiator and 40DCOEs on 
a homemade manifold.  Upgraded to `72 front disc brakes, `72 rear hubs 
and 14" stud-mounted rims.  Body, despite being refurbished in `87, 
shows the effects of years on Michigan and Massachusetts salted roads.

Misc. spare parts--used A-Type TR4 trans/OD, half-assed rusted GT6 trans 
w/OD shaft, and a disassembled OD with freshly-lined sliding member, a 
few (I think) good synchros, stuff like that.

Oxy/acetylene tanks (B size), no certification available since I 
purchased them myself three decades ago.  If that's cool with your state 
and local gas supplier, go fer `em. My local suppliers verified 
compliance at the last fill--many years ago.

As one might expect, I can't fit all that into an 11 x 16 garage and get 
anything done.  I expected to work until I was 66 and save the cash for 
a little place in the country with a nice-sized shop, but it was not to be.

Details-as expansive as required--upon request.



Michael Porter
Roswell, NM

Never let anyone drive you crazy when you know it's within walking distance....

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