[Autojumble] For sale in USA: Quaife LSD for Marina Ital Caterham Seven new in box.

pethier at comcast.net pethier at comcast.net
Wed Mar 18 11:06:00 MST 2009

Instead of paying shipping back to the UK, I'd like to sell this to someone
here in the USA.

I'll sell it to someone on the lists in the USA for 700 US dollars, FOB Saint
Paul Minnesota.

The current price for this unit is 550 UK Pounds.  At today's exchange rate,
that is 768.64 US Dollars.

This is the type of LSD to use.  It is the worm-gear torque-sensig type.  It
will not wear out.  It will not cause the front end to push like a clutch-type
will.  I have driven lots of sports cars in autocrosses and on the road with
both types and there is no contest.  My Miata has a similar unit and I am very
pleased with it.

This Quaife unit will fit the Austin/Morris Marina and Ital cars and any other
cars, notably Caterham Sevens, which use the Marina/Ital rear axle.

Caterham Ital Marina Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential
Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential for Caterham Ital Marina is suitable for
Caterham models with Ital Marina axle. A direct replacement for the standard
Caterham open differential, the Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential transforms
your cars performance.
Manufacturer: CATERHAM
Product Code: QDF8K
Price: B#550.00

Since this unit is brand new, and I love them so much, why am I selling it?  I
was misinformed, and my car has a Ford rear axle.  I WILL be putting the
correct Quaife into my car.

More information at
There is a dimensional drawing at

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