[Autojumble] FW: 73 Triumph Stag for sale in Virginia USA

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jun 21 13:07:55 MDT 2010

I know nothing about the car, just trying to help out a fellow Stag owner.
Please reply directly to dave_stringer at att.net if you are interested (as he
is not on the Team.Net lists AFAIK).

73 was arguably the best (and last) year for Stags in the USA.  The cooling
system had been totally redesigned by the factory to sort out all the
earlier problems with marginal cooling.

-- Randall 

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Hi, I am a regular viewer to this forum and long time Stag owner.  Due to
possible move have to look at selling my Stag.  Here is the link if anyone
is interested.  This is my 5th Stag (4 owned in UK).  All maintanance done
myself, original engine, runs like a dream.  Yes, it does have the odd oil
leak, small scratches to the paint, etc but is solid and no "bodges" as us
Brits say.  All genuine parts used wherever possible.  Timing chains were
replaced when I got the car 18 years ago.  Car in Abingdon, VA.
Dave Stringer

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