[Autojumble] [TR] FW: 73 Triumph Stag for sale in Virginia USA

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jun 21 15:47:20 MDT 2010

> So marginal cooling solved the earlier problems?

A matter of opinion, of course.  But it seems to me that the main reason the
Stag did so poorly in the American market was its propensity to overheat and
consequent serious engine damage.  The early cooling system likely was
adequate for the UK market, with their relatively mild climate, fewer hills
and so on.  But particularly when combined with the detuned engine that the
US market got, it just didn't work very well.  And a single round of
overheating was apt to warp one or both heads, producing major repair bills.

Even Triumph recognized the problem eventually, and as I understand it, sent
a team to the US for several months to evaluate and understand our driving
conditions.  The Stag then underwent some major cooling system revisions,
including a new intake manifold and water pump housing with provisions for
the thermostat to shut off the bypass, a pressurized recovery bottle,
modified radiator, cooling fan shroud, improved fan "clutch", higher
pressure cap and so on.  I think the water pump itself is the only cooling
part that is common between my two Stags (one of which has been upgraded
with the 1973 cooling system).

The one with the 71 cooling system is still sitting in my driveway, waiting
for me to repair the damage caused (mostly) when it overheated on a hill
coming home from VTR 2005.  At least one head gasket is leaking, which
probably means a warped head, and so on.  And I wasn't even running the air

-- Randall 

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