[Autojumble] Rover V8s in Montreal

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Fri Jul 6 14:01:07 MDT 2012

Just got off the phone with an old acquaintance in Montreal who has to 
dispose of three Rovers -- he wants them to go to good homes rather than 
send them to the crusher.  They are described as a 1979 V8 with a 
5-speed gearbox, a 1979 V8 automatic, and a 1971 (?) 2000TC.  One of the 
1979 cars is fuel injected, the other has carburettors.

Please contact Paul Parfitt directly at 514-694-6644 if interested.

I'd think there would be some interest in the v8 with the 5-speed, as 
these are quite rare in N. America.


Bill Daddis

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