[Autox] Evolution Schools (autocross) in Salina, Ks., April 16-18.

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The Salina Region Evolution Schools for 2011

    Salina Region will put on its annual Evolution Performance Driving Schools
on April 16-18 (Saturday-Monday). We could possibly have three different
schools. Many of the Evolution instructors are SCCA national champions.

    There will be a Phase 1 and a Phase 2 for sure. Whether the Challenge is
held depends on if enough apply to fill the class.

b  Phase 1 (Saturday, April 16) b This is the basics, Autocross 101.
Lines, apexes and how to find them, common autocross maneuvers. Lots of seat
time. Evolution does require a Phase 1 before moving on to more advanced

b  Phase 2 (Sunday, April 17) b This is the next step, Autocross 102. You
begin to learn techniques that translate to quicker times on course. You
really should do this next before taking other courses.

b  Challenge (Monday, April 18) b This one polishes the lessons learned in
P1 and P2 with different exercises on a new course. The challenge is, at the
end of the day, your instructor takes a couple of runs in your car; can you
beat him?

Class costs

    Each one-day school will be $250.

    The school is sanctioned by SCCA which means all attendant costs apply.
SCCA has now mandated that all autocross participants be SCCA members. To that
end SCCA now offers a low-cost bWeekend Membership.b For the Evolution
students this membership will be covered by Salina Region SCCA -- anyone not
already an SCCA member will be given a Weekend Membership which will cover all
aspects of the weekend (including the separate Salina Region solo events also
taking place on Saturday and Sunday).

A typical day

    Most Evolution schools strive for a 6:1 student/instructor ratio. The
Challenge prefers a 5:1 ratio. This usually means maximum class sizes of 12
students if we use two instructors, or 18 if we bring in three. Or, we have
even done two schools side by side with four instructors.

    You do the schools in your own car. The day starts with registration and
tech, just like a basic autocross, except it begins sharp at 8 a.m. and runs
to about 3 or 4 in the afternoon with a lunch break. Students go out 2 or 3 at
a time, 1:1 with their instructors. When your session is not on course you
will either be working the course or getting ready for your next time out.

    During the lunch break (lunch is provided) and at the end of the day
debrief sessions go over what everyone has learned.

How to enter

    All registrations are now handled through the Evolution website --

    Signup is available right now by going to the Evolution website and
clicking on SHOP EVOLUTION and then bSchools.b Then add the schools you
want to your shopping cart. When you go to bCheckoutb the website will ask
you for account information (Name, address, payment, etc.).

Companion events

    There will also be a Salina Region autocross Saturday and another on
Sunday. These are separate events. Entry ($20) is not included in the school
entry fee.

    We do not recommend attempting to do the autocross and a school on the
same day, but it gives you something to do on your off day if any. Or to put
into immediate practice Sunday what you learned in Phase 1.

    To enter the autocross, go to the pre-registration on the Salina Region
website -- www.salinascca.com -- a few days prior to the event. Entry fee is
paid on-site the day of the event. You will pay the member price, even if you
are not a full SCCA member, because your SCCA weekend membership is included
in your Evo School entry fee.


    Call or e-mail me at 785-827-5143 or rocky at spitfire4.com. Or see the
website www.evoschool.com. -- Rocky Entriken

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