[Buick-rover-v8] Stuff for sale

David Kernberger dkern at napanet.net
Sat Apr 12 19:42:34 MDT 2008

	I hope it is OK to advertise stuff for sale on this forum.

For Sale:

	Brand new, in boxes, + .030" Chevrolet 265 CID pistons and 
Moly rings.  These will fit bore of 3.780" and have a compression 
height of 1.785".  They were purchased to be used for the 247 CID 
version of a BOP (or Rover) 215 engine, in conjunction with small 
block Chevy rods.  This is one of the Phil Baker recipes in the 
famous March, 1985 HRM article.  Of course these would be perfect 
also for that rare individual who is rebuilding a Chevy 265 V8.

I have 325.00 total invested in these.

Asking 210.00.    You pay shipping.  Do not know how much that would be.

David Kernberger

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