[Buick-rover-v8] [Mgb-v8] I have an MGB V8 question

Bill Zenkus mgb_zenkus at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 17:07:22 MDT 2010

What are you running for ignition?
Stock dizzy, points and coil, or something else?  (also with or without the resistance wire in the stock harness?)

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On Jun 18, 2010, at 4:56 PM, "The Rays" <therays at ellijay.com> wrote:

I have an MG question I hope someone can answer for me.  My car is missing
when it is under a load.  It only occurs when the engine has gotten warm and
I am gradually accelerating.  Doesn't seem to do it at full throttle.  I
have replace the plugs and wires but to no avail.  Any thoughts on what my
problem might be ?

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