[Buick-rover-v8] TR8 front wire harness

Shawn Frank my71spit13 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 13:00:42 MST 2012

I am new to this email list, so please excuse my ignorance. I am looking for a
source for a front wire harness for a 1980 Triumph TR8. Does anyone know where
I can find one already made? I am not new to Triumphs, but before getting this
TR8, I have only seen them in pictures. I am very excited to work on this car
and to get it back on the road. I was laying under it, just getting to know
it, when I noticed an exposed wire by the catalytic converter. I pulled the
cat off, and expose the wires so I could see what the deal was. It seems that
there is a bunch of heat generating from the cat and sending it up towards
this wire harness. It has heated it up so many times, and for so long, that it
haas made the wire sheathing very brittle and has even burned some of the
wires through completely. We have only tried to turn this car over one time
for a few seconds with nothing going to the fuel filter. The electric fuel
pump does not even turn on. I am suspecting
 that this wire harness is the problem. If it is not, it is a good place to
start repairs on this beauty. If you can help, let me know...Thank you!  
Shawn Frank 515-339-4228

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