[Chapman-era] Yes, finally a couple small updates to SimpleSevens

John Donohoe sevenamerica at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 22 07:07:00 MDT 2009

Yes I feel guilty not having made many updates recently, but I finally seem to have some large enough bits of spare time to get back to some updates...
-- Jack Tripp's beautiful 5 year restoration of SB1536 is complete -- lots of photos, and I had a ride in it this spring so can confirm that it runs a good as it looks!
-- Mr JWW himself seeks help in finding info on SB1949, originally sold in Oregon, USA
-- Tore Nielsen in Denmark picks up another lovely S2, SB2240
These are all listed on the SimpleSevens home page: http://www.simplesevens.org
And yes, I have plenty more to do, so please bear with me!
Cheers,John DonohoeSimpleSevens.org

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