[Chapman-era] Research and Restoration of Lotus MK7 #409 Begins

John Donohoe sevenamerica at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 08:56:18 MDT 2012

Lotus Seven MK7 #409, originally bought from Lotus and raced for s single
season by Brian Hart, has found a new owner who will research and restore the
car in the near future. The story will unfold on SimpleSevens. For the moment
there are a few open questions about the Burman steering box mounting and
brazing/welding techniques used, which perhaps someone who reviews the photos
and information might be able to help with?Please see the current entry
here: http://www.simplesevens.org/0409/0409a.htm and there you will also find
links to the original posting with numerous photos of the project as first
documented by SimpleSevens.

John Donohoe

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