[Gta] Spitfire for XMAS?

Ashford Little 70TR6 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 10 19:00:32 MST 2009

My name is Robert Duensing and I am contacting you because I own (and need to
sell) a 1966 Triumph Spitfire MKII which has been garaged it's entire life but
has not been driven in the past 9 years.  I got this car from the original
owner about 12 years ago and it has 39000 original miles.  I have the original
soft top and tonneau cover and the car is in original condition except for the
carpet which I replaced shortly after I got the car.  *I am writing you
because as a Triumph enthusiast  I am hoping you might know someone who is
interested in giving this Classic Triumph a good home and new lease on life. *
The car is in excellent condition both inside and out.  If there is rust I am
not aware of it.  Yes it would need a complete going over and... well I am
sure you or your fellow enthusiasts know what would be necessary to get it
running and back on the road but this is not a crashed, junk, car with parts
missing right and left
My wife and I are moving out of the Country and I do not want to let this car
get into the hands of someone who does not understand the unique nature of
these automobiles.  It would be a shame to have it sitting out in the elements
rusting away while waiting for repairs which will never get done.  Please, if
you can help I would appreciate it. I am not a member of your club so I cannot
put a For Sale ad on your site and besides it might take to long for anyone to
respond.  If you do not have anybody you can think of who might be interested
please let me know and I will Craigs List the car and whatever happens,
happens.  Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter and I hope
to hear from you or some of your fellow car enthusiasts soon.


Bob Duensing
bduensin at alexanderpest.com
classicalglass at yahoo.com
678-794-9218 cell   404-435-2831 cell

Here are two pics I was able to dig out and scan as well as a shot I took
tonight of the car in my garage.  I hope they are helpful.  The two pics of
the car in use were taken around the last time I drove it and when I parked it
I was not thinking it would be for good but things just got packed in in front
of it and BINGO I never got it back out on the road.

As far as price... $4000.???????


Ashford Little
70tr6 at comcast.net

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