[Gta] Facebook page for BMCD contacts and marketing

Ashford Little 70Tr6 at comcast.net
Tue Nov 17 20:38:18 MST 2009

Please consider signing up for this.  This is an easy way for LBC car lovers
to be in contact with one another.

Ashford Little
70tr6 at comcast.net

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> Subject: facebook page for BMCD contacts and marketing
> Reply-To: Ian at GardenLakesRealty.com
> Dear BMCD Committee members,
>             As we discussed in our last group meeting, our contact and
marketing methods need to be improved upon so we can reach a larger audience
more effectively to distribute news about BMCD as well as ALL British Car Club
>             To make this as effective as possible,  we ALL need to become
members of the Facebook page that has been created,  and then invite all of
our British Car owning friends to do the same,  and then of course we to
encourage them to follow suit.
>             We have had around 400 entrees for BMCD in the past.  I fully
expect that we can double that number and reach 800 members (fans) on this
facebook page in a fairly short time.   It does not take a lot of work, it
does not cost anything, and it will mean a great deal to the turn out and
participation that we get from all future British Motor Car events.
> So if you have not joined up already,  click this link or copy in your
> Even If you have joined already,  sign on again and click on the 'Suggest to
Friends" button on the top left and do just that  J
> Let's make this the best marketing tool that we have to get the word out
about all future British Motorcar Events
> If the link refuses to work for you,  log on to Facebook,  and in the
'search' box type in:  BritishMotorCar Group
> Have fun building the largest British Motorcar Club on the planet.
> Sincerely,
> Ian O'Shea

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