[Gta] Greenville Scottish Games - British Car Show

Hermann Schaller hermannschaller at msn.com
Mon May 24 06:39:47 MDT 2010

Who wants to convoy to Greenville for the Scottish Games British Car Show?
Jeri, Sir Callaby and me (as grease monkey and driver) will drive to
Greenville on Friday, May 28th, 2010 in the afternoon.
We found a good deal at the Westin Greenville Hotel - Exclusive Dining Package
- which includes vouchers for three restaurants. One of them we know and it is
really good. The hotel is in the beautiful downtown of Greenville, with it's
lively atmosphere of people using the sidewalks and many places having tables
outside. The hotel also has a garage, which we like for our old car.
We are going to stay there for two nights and will take an easy drive back on
If somebody wants to join us for the drive or if we can join a group already
going, please let us know.

Hermann (the German) Schaller
770-326-2199 (office)
770-559-8365 (home)

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