[Gta] GTA Email list is awakening... slowly

70tr6 70tr6 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 23 15:51:33 MST 2017

Good afternoon,

I am going to resurrect the GTA email list.  This list will allow
communication amongst anyone signed up for the list.  In the past we found
this useful for questions about your car, time of the upcoming drive, or other
general questions from members.  Itbs been a while so some of you receiving
this email may no longer wish to be included.  If youbve sold your car and
no longer wish to be included then please send me an email to:
mailto:70tr6 at comcast.net <mailto:70tr6 at comcast.net> and Ibll be glad to
remove you.  If youbve been away from the GTA for a while and are glad to
hear from us, then feel free to respond.  I welcome any and all comments.

The next official GTA function is tonight, Thursday, February 23rd at Joe
Earnestbs house where webll be hosting a Dart Night.  Joebs address is:
3129 Octavia Place, Atlanta GA 30340.

I ask for your patience with regard to emails on this email list.  I feel like
it is akin to resurrecting a TR motor thatbs been sitting for a while.

Btw, if you want to send out an email you might ask how.  Well, all you need
to do is to draft an email from your listed email address and address it to:
gta at autox.team.net <mailto:gta at autox.team.net>

Thank you,

Ashford Little
'70 TR6

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