[Gta] GTA Email list

Ashford Little ralittle2 at mac.com
Thu Jun 1 06:53:20 MDT 2017

If you got a notice yesterday asking you to confirm a subscription to the GTA
email listb& it was not spam or a phishing virus-type of thing.  In the past
we had an email list that allowed us to communicate with each other.  I am in
the process of bwaking it back upb from a slumber.  Please confirm your
subscription so that you can receive information from the GTA as well as reply
and ask questions to all on the list.  For those of you who are not familiar
with email lists they are really simple.  There is an email address
(gta at autox.team.net <mailto:gta at autox.team.net>) to which anyone on the list
can send information out on.  Everyone on the list will receive the email.  It
could be useful for questions such as: where is the meet point for the drive
on Saturday, I need help fixing a problem on my car, or hey, letbs get
together to grab a beer and talk Triumphs.

Look forward to hearing from everyone.

Ashford Little
ralittle2 at mac.com

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