[JONAT-chat] New England Route

Bob engl@accesscomm.ca
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 22:17:59 -0600

Hi Mike ... the route you see on the webpages is not cast in stone, and I
would be VERY surprised if the final route matches what you see there.  The
Sector Coordinator and his/her committee will be setting the final route (we
have not yet had an individual to step forward to volunteer for the Sector
Coordinator of this portion of the Tour as of yet but are hoping to have
someone in place very soon).

I guess what I am saying is "hold that thought" - I'll pass on your note to
the people finalizing the route in that area.

Bob England
'69 E-Type & '72 XJ6
Jaguar Owner's North American Tour (JONAT)
Route Coordinator
http://www.jonat.org <http://www.jonat.org/>

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Writing to respectfully request you investigate a Vermont USA rout
continuing south on Vermont Rte. 100 and then on into Massachusettes to Mass
Rtr. 202 into Boston.  Far better scenery and far better drive, mike

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