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Bob engl@accesscomm.ca
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 21:27:31 -0600


I had initially set the route (so the buck stops here), and it was developed
as a starting point for the Tour.   At the time the route was developed,
there was zero interest from the south side of Lake Erie, and some spark of
interest from the north side (that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it !)

Since initially developed, the route has changed quite a few times in almost
all areas of the Tour, and is still evolving.

Right now we have no Sector Coordinator for the Toronto Sector, so if there
is interest shown, I (for one) have no objection to the change to the route.
By interest shown, I mean someone to step up to the plate and get a
committee together to coordinate that Sector of the tour.

As a matter of fact I just had some correspondence from Joe in Grand Island,
New York, that is just about on the route you suggest.  Joe had suggested a
much tamer re-route, going down through Niagara Falls from the Canadian
side - I'm sending Joe a copy of this note as well.

As an aside, you might want to subscribe to the [JONAT-chat] mailing list -
this is a good forum for this type of discussion, as it is a forum for both
the participants and the organizers.  I have sent a copy of this note to the
list and perhaps we'll get some discussion going on the re-route you

Bob England
'69 E-Type & '72 XJ6
Jaguar Owner's North American Tour (JONAT)
Route Coordinator

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I find it most surprising your proposed tour route goes from
Detroit to Toronto via Canada.  How about
Indy-Detroit-Toledo-Cleveland-Erie-Buffalo-Toronto as an
alternative?  NE Ohio, NW Pennsylvania and NW New York have
much larger Jaguar populations than SW Ontario!  Any

Kent Holcomb
Cleveland, OH