Mark Stephenson jonat@autox.team.net
Tue Nov 30 22:41:01 2004

I think a discussion of the route and things like JCNA and sponsor
involvement would be appropriate. If JCNA is going to give us any kind of
official sanction, it will have to be presented at the Annual General
Meeting (AGM) the end of March.

I think if we can get JCNA behind us, local club participation will be a lot

Just a side note, everyone had so much fun last year on the Rt. 66 Fun Run,
that I've been tapped to come up with a lead in to it this year.

Mark - AZ

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Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment but I was wondering if the thought
of JONAT 06 is too much to think about right now? Or, whether we want to do
it at all?

Just that I had a chat with the GM of Jaguar Australia who has, naturally,
direct lines into PAG and Dearborn and has said he is happy to assist where
possible. If PAG get involved I guess it would be a start at Irvine, heading
East this time and a visit to Ford HQ along the way, as well.

Let me know.

Fazal Cader
Executive Committee, ISC - Australia
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