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 I solicited this information from VARA following their call to me.

It looks attractive. They went from  'no one day entry  ' back to  'one day entry'.

Will you guys be passing this along to the FOT at large?

I personally plan to swing through Button Willow, but need to discuss with my sons as to racing there.






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 I apologize for the delay but here is the info to pass along- Of course

we'll work with FOT'ers to try and accommodate anything you all may want to

do, but this is what I've come up with after talking to all involved-

Joe Siam and Paul Konkle are the race Chairs for that race. I've included

their emails and you can request phone numbers from them as well to help


The BE is a 2 day event, there is a 10.00 dollar gate fee charged by the

track upon entering- The Weekend Race is 275.00 for Sat & Sunday. Included

is 2 tickets for a BBQ and non-member/ late fees will be waived when

mentioning FOT upon sign up- Saturday includes 1 Practice and 1 Qualifying

Race- Sunday will have 3 sessions-

 A 1 day event (Sunday only) will be 175.00 w/ 1 -BBQ ticket included if

there Saturday night- The FOT'ers can have their get together at our BBQ /

Karaoke on Saturday night if wanted- The 1 day event people will need to

start at the back of the pack for all Sunday races to be fair to those that

Qualified Saturday-  They will get 3 sessions, Practice, Triumph Challenge

Race and Flag Race-

I spoke with our Tech people and they can be Tech'd per their associations

safety rules on Saturday or Early Sunday morning- So no issues should be

coming up in regards to safety.

I will also arrange a track tour for those who have never been there on

Sunday morning. Those that race the 2 day event are welcome to do tours Sat.

morning with the Ground School folks. They are welcome to the Ground School

Friday night for a Verbal walk through of the Track as well. They do not

need to stay the whole time and the track map is covered in the first 1/2

hr, normally starting at 6:00pm.

Hope this is agreeable, if you would like to see anything different let me


Also I would like to get the East Coast & West coast guys together for a

special Picture!! Right after the Sunday Challenge race! Those not racing,

but have their cars will be granted the courtesy of being in the picture as

well, but will need to pay the gate fee, VARA does not get the gate at BW-

Hope this works -Looking forward to hearing from you-

Please let me know if I missed anything you need info on-


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John, Joe

Looking forward to getting the details.  There are some folks that will be 

interested en route to Laguna.



> Joe-

> Yes there will be a 1 day entry available to you folks on Sunday, maybe 

> Saturday- These are the items we need to work out so we can announce it as

> well- The social can be at the track as we normally have a BBQ and Karaoke

> with tickets available to all even if you are not racing- More details to 

> come about that as well-






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