[Kcup] VARA British Extravaganza for FOT, and K-Cup Entries

Steven Belfer colordog.1 at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 12 10:03:25 MST 2011


I had a conversation with Jeanette from VARA yesterday to go over the  
details of our out-of-town K-Cup participants running our Buttonwillow  
event in June.
Everything is all set and the FOT are welcome.  I know you guys are  
busy and may have already been talking to VARA and hope you don't mind  
that I took this on.
I wanted to run this by all of you before I announce this to the FOT  
email-list.  Here are the details.

John Wilkins and Joe Siam, and Paul Konkle are enthusiastic about this  
and approved the following:

The BE is a 2-day event

Non-Member fees and Late fees will be waived when mentioning FOT upon  

Cost: $275
Gate fee $10 / person
This includes 2 BBQ tix.

Saturday includes 1 Practice session and 1 Qualifying Race.
FOT entrants are welcome to do tours on Sat with the Ground-School  
FOT is also welcome to the FRI-night Ground School "Class"  The track  
map is covered in the 1st half-hour and they are welcome to leave  
after that.

Cost: $175
Gate fee $10 / person
1 BBQ Ticket included if arriving Sat

Sunday includes 3 sessions plus a track-tour

Early Track tour
Morning Practice,
Triumph Challenge Race,
Flag Race.

We must appoint a tech person and entrants may be OK'd based on the  
rules of their current organization.

Open questions:
Who should our tech person be?
When and where shall we have our tech?   Suggest our person go from  
car to car, look at log book, inspect car, and ok with our "FOT" Tech  
sticker (I'll make this)

Right after the Triumph Challenge Race, all Triumph Racers,  Including  
those who have their car in tow and will NOT be racing, may gather for  
a group photo, (That I think we can purchase.)

Open Question:  Can we get a special group price on the photo.

Kup Entries (Laguna Seca)
Here are the guys who replied to my email confirming their intent to  
enter (We've got 15 so far)

Preston Kaenel: TR3
Steve Belfer: TR3
Mordy Dunst: TR4
Paul Smock: TR4
Mark Vaden: TR4
John Nikas: TR4
John Frymark: TR4
Joe and Sean Alexander: TR4
Steve Hare: Spitfire
Greg Hilyer: TR4
Bill Babcock:  The Mighty Peyote
Charly Mitchel: TR6
Tony Drews: TR4
Mike Mehl TR4
Alec MacArthur TR6


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