[Kcup] Kastner Cup at Laguna Seca

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Fri May 13 08:07:40 MDT 2011



We will have free posters for you. They are very nice and are free of 
advertising. These are sponsored by your VTR National organization and the FOT.

Sam Halkias and Hardy Prentice, both SCCA Champions will be on board with 
Hardy bringing his championship TR3.

Many of us are staying at the track and Kas and others will be at the 

Kas' new book will be available and Kas, Sam, and Hardy will be pleased to 
autograph the book and the posters.

We are pleased that you and other Triumph organizations will be joining us. 
Thanks for the note.


Joe Alexander

> Hi Joe,
> I predict Triumph Travelers will have 10-15 people in attendance.  
> Several of us are planning to find a place to stay in Monterey Tuesday 
> night so we can be close to the action.
> Do you expect most of the racers to stay at the track (RV-ing) or at the 
> Embassy Suites or ...? 
> We'd like to hang around and absorb as much Triumph lore as possible!
> Thanks,
> Cregg


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