[Lotus-cars] Phil is looking for an autocross drive for LOG31 in Las Vegas Nevada USA

pethier at comcast.net pethier at comcast.net
Wed Sep 7 12:47:25 MDT 2011

I am looking for an autocross drive for LOG31.   Not talking about the high-speed track day, only the low-speed autocross.  We are flying in and renting a compact car, but I've never missed driving a Lotus in the autocross at LOGs I have attended and I'd not want to start missing the autocross now.

I am a local autocross instructor with a good understanding of the sport and mediocre-at-best natural talent.  I have a reputation for treating other people's cars with respect.  There is no way I will abuse your car to try to beat you.

When I recently went to the Vintage Triumph Register convention in Colorado, I was choosy about which car I would drive, accepting only a car I knew to be properly set up for autocrossing.  Not the case for LOG as virtually every Lotus is a natural autocross car.  

Co-driver, tire-warmer, sole driver, stock Elise, modified Seven, all proposals considered.  I wear a size ten driver's shoe, stand 5'9", weigh 173 pounds, and did fit fine in my 1979 Caterham and in my 1970 Europa S2.

Prvate mail me at pethier at comcast.net with proposals.  All offers held in confidence.  Nobody (not even my wife!) knows the financial arrangement I had at the VTR, and I can respect your privacy as well as his.

Phil Ethier West Side Saint Paul Minnesota USA
1973 Triumph Stag LE22439UBW "uncle jack", Sapphire Blue
2004 Suburban 8.1, Sport Red, the only automatic of the bunch
2005 Lotus Elise, Bordeaux Red Pearl
2007 Saturn Ion 3 2.4, Berry Red
pethier [at] comcast [dot] net

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