midsummer ride tomorrow

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Fri, 20 Aug 2004 08:38:25 -0700 (PDT)

aMIGo's, the forecast for CT is heavy T-storms for the afternoon.  Hopefully you will be spared and the storms will be further north.  I have no desire to ride in heavy T-storms however, so I am wimping out.  That's right, I said it, wimping out.  Eric, i will join you for a ride soon however.  Besides, I have to see Grumpy's new bike!
I hope Mrs. Boehm is feeling better soon.  May the sun be at your backs, hoist a cold one for me.
Jacuzzi #2313

ejboehm@optonline.net wrote:
Just an update...

We're on for tomorrow as of now. Forecast is for dry for the first half of the day, possible scattered showers and a t-storm or two late in the day.

There's a minor change of itinerary as well. My wife is not feeling well the last few days (stomach bug) and doesn't want company on the weekend. So, we're gonna end the ride at a biker-friendly 50's style drive in called the Chatterbox in Augusta.

Otherwise, same time, same station! (pun intended!) 

Anybody need details or more info, give me a shout.

Eric 379

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Subject: midsummer ride tomorrow

> Eric and all riding,
> It looks likr it might br the four aMIGo going that I know of. 
> Eric Dh 
> Man, PSL, Grumpy, and I. All who live near NJ bring along your 
> wet weather 
> gear. (might chase away the weather we are being forcast for). and 
> join in for a 
> great day with great people, See you all soon. 
> Jim A
> alias "Gimp knee"
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