Fw: MIG Northeast Midsummer Ride version 2.0 - Ride report

Eric Boehm ejboehm@optonline.net
Sat, 28 Aug 2004 21:33:31 -0400

Jeanne forgot to copy this to the list, so...

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Yes, Grumpy and I did go on Eric's ride and I have to say I had a great time
for this being my very first long distance ride.  I felt honored to ride
directly behind Eric and I actually kept up with him, which even surprised
me.  Eric explained everything about the ride perfectly except for ONE
LITTLE minor detail which he didn't know about.

After leaving Eric and heading east to come back home the skies looked kinda
dark.  Rob got of the exit he had to get off of and me and Bill continuned
on Route 80.  Not even 3 minutes after splitting off with Rob the road were
wet and it didn't look good.  We pulled over so that we could put our
jackets on and by that time forget about the rain gear our jeans were
soaked.  Bill explained to me to take it nice and easy all the way home,
since I have never ridden in the rain.  Well I rode on Route 80 in the rain
going 55 mph and didn't give a shit who I pissed off.   But after stopping
behind one accident and having to go around it and then seeing two more on
the other side of the road, and it raining to the point and I couldn't see
out of the windshield, nor my visor on my helmet, nor my glasses since
everything was soaked, I signaled to Bill to GET ME THE HELL OFF THE

We pulled off in Saddle Brook and came home the back roads.  As soon as we
got off the highway, it stopped raining.  Of course, it would!  Now I we
were soaking wet, it is humid as hell out, and the damn water is running
down my tank hitting my leg and going on my seat.  Oh what a feeling!  But
it was a very good ending to an excellent ride!  I have to thank Eric once
again for doing the ride all over for us.  Now I can't wait until October!

Kevin I have to say, if you come to Asheville, you may not see any sheep,
but hell we do have them in New Jersey and they are sure pretty looking!
Might not smell great but you would love them!

Here are some pictures which I took today.  Yes Bill did come on his own
bike and didn't ride bitch with me.  His bike was parked a little further
away from our bikes so it couldn't get into the picture.  Yes Rob you did
suprise us when we saw you there.  When I saw Eric on a blue rauder I was a
little confused at first until I saw you standing there.  It was great
seeing you and riding with you.

Now let's have Eric's October 17th ride be the biggest.  If I can do it,
everyone else can!

Jeanne "Lacey" a/k/a "Pushy Little Shit"
MIG #3687