Balloon Festival

Tue, 15 Jun 2004 09:19:23 -0400

Hi folks,
First an apology. With so many bike events and so few vacation days, my wife
and I opted to skip Asheville this year and do Sturgis instead. I just
wanted everyone to know that we had a great time last year and appreciate
all the work and effort that goes into the event. We will be back but the
call to see Sturgis while we still can was too strong to resist.

Secondly, my area ( WV Intersection of I-79 and I-68 ) hosts a hot air
balloon festival. This year it is October 1-3. My workplace happens to
overlook the field they are supposed to use this year. I'm tentatively
planning on hosting a MIG cookout Saturday to coincide with a balloon
launch. ( 1:00 PM Lunch to 4:30 PM Launch )

Think about it and mark you calendar. The location is Morgantown, WV just 3
miles off of I-79. It's a long way off time wise but I thought I'd mention

First of October
Sunrise = 7:18 AM
Sunset = 7:00 PM 
Average High = 700 F
Average Low = 500 F

More later. For now ENJOY ASHEVILLE.

* Allen "Big Al" Wright
* MIG 2967
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