MIG Asheville Rally

Jim Gammon gtpjimgammon@yahoo.com
Fri, 25 Jun 2004 08:43:49 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all you MIGs and friends!
Rovin Rauder Reporting
The weather forcast is for wet, followed by periods of damp interspersed with ocassional biblical flood.
So we're having a great time. Hey, you can BS and drink in any weather!
Jimmy and I drove down Thursday, arriving about 8 something. It was a good ride in the RV, giving Jimmy a lot of other stuff to do than to bug his old dad. Like sleeping. (yeah, I'm jealous)
Arriving, I found Jimmy has been operating on selective truth. Contrary to his claims, Iver (with daughter Heather), Shoe, George P, Bob Whitney, (and a few others) ARE here.
Little bugger!
Well Jimmy was in his glory last night, riding his bike around the parking lot, running over toes, yapping all night with one of the two Sheriff's who have adopted us and being the MIG ambassador to the world.
Yes, that's right, we had one or another Sherrif here all night. Hard-ass bikers that we are! I even think a beer may have been consumed by one or both of them. (I'm SURE they weren't on duty) Hey guys, it pays to be friends with the local authorities, but lets not run low on beer because of it!
Grumpy had a bit of trouble with his swing arm bushings made worse by the belt drive he installed, and it seems I have the same problem. I'll be designing a replacement bushing, I guess. The Rauder bushings are a weakness!
It's raining on and off, with 70% chance of a lousy day if you make a long run, so we are staying close to the hotel. Some of the gals discovered a local Mall, with the expected results.
I'm eating a breakfast of potato chips and trying to resist a drink before noon. Some MIGs are being a bad influence on me.
And speaking of Tina, she got the MIG Member of the Year award (big surprise, huh?) Once again, she really pulled it off. We have a great hotel set up, with a couple of tall outdoor tents things to keep the rain off. If worst comes to worst, we have outdoor hallways and a friendly hotel staff, so it is really the best setup yet. 
Jimmy and I really are disappointed in the fact that some gal has flashed the group a couple of times this week, but not since we got here. Bummer. Into each life a bit of rain must fall. Tina tells me a pic was posted to the site, so EVERYONE has seen her but us. Jeeze!
Rob Jacuzzi brought his son Mike and Cos brought his daughter, and they're thick as thieves. Watchout, Dads!
No Long Hair, no Eric, no Hubert, no Robbie, no Bill McE, no Jim H, no Captain Morgan, (whoops, he IS here, but keeps getting empty) and so far no Craig! But we do have a good turnout. 
A great group, no problems, great fun, wish you all were here, though it would be a bit crowded.
Lucky Bastard

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