[Mig] Rejetting

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Two points:

1) If you have a 1500 LC Don't REJET!!!! You will regret it, as the carbs will
not last long afterwards. Repair is possible, but not cheap.
2) If you have a Rauder, readjusting mixture and disabling the pair valve will
solve 95% of the problems you think rejeting will solve.

JimG MIG #229 and damn proud of it.
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  Any air filter mods?  Sounds like you are a bit lean.  Call Factory Pro and
tell them what bike you have.  Also adjust the idle air screw(s?) on the

  Lawrence From MI

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    Rejet or not rejet, that is the question. Hi all. I'm new to this news
group and to motorcycle maintenance too. I just bought a 95 VS1400 and I think
I need to rejet but I wanted to get opinions from the experts first. The
exhaust is definitely after market though I can't see a name brand on the
pipes. The guy I bought it from didn't know because the guy he bought from is
the one that replaced them. The reason I think I need to rejet (because I read
several posts here) is that my pipes are turning a goldish color is some spots
and the exhaust pops sometimes between upshifts, right as I let off the gas. I
pulled the plugs last night and the electrode in the back plug had black
semi-flaky residue and the insulator around the electrode was turning brown.
The electrode on the front plug was white and the insulator was turning
brownish also. I'm fairly certain I'll need to rejet but which kit should I
buy since I'm not sure about the name brand of the exhaust.

    Thanks for any help/advice you can give.

    Greg Davis