350 mile day!

Jacuzzi jacuzzi2313@sbcglobal.net
Sun, 2 May 2004 10:37:56 -0400

> The SV1000S is a totally unique ride.  The ergo's are very aggressive and
> after 350 miles I really felt it.  This bike needs a throttle lock so I
> rest my throttle hand.  The fuel injected 1000 cc V-Twin pumps out about
> hp yet still averaged 48 MPG on yesterdays ride.  The Bike handles and
> brakes as well as my F4i did and sounds like a Ducati.  Oh..Its metallic
> Silver.  I call my SV1000S  "Silver Thunder".

Yeah, a 90 degree V-Twin will do that.  It's a great sound!  Take a look a
Staintune pipes.  They have a great sound too.  My friend had them on his
Ducati and on his Aprila Falco.  By the way, if you ever consider a Falco,
the first year is the one to buy, they have much more hp.  All they need as
an upgrade is a new seat and rear shock.  Okay, maybe Heli Bars too!

Jacuzzi #2313
> I've ridden a lot of bikes over the last 7 years.  One favorite was the
> Aprilia Falco.  It too is a 1000cc V-twin half faired bike.  The Sv1000S
> so similar to the falco only half the price and easier to maintain.  The
> SV650's are selling like hot cakes wereas the SV1000 is selling slow.
> out people who want a sportbike are going for the Inline 4's opposed to
> big Twin's.  This factor enabled me to score a low mile(1500 miles)
> for under $6000 and get to enjoy a bike that not everyone else on the road
> rides.  As good as this bike sounds now I will soon be adding two
> aftermarket Mufflers to unleash the beast in it.  My neighbor has the
> TL-R(similar bike only fully faired) with Yoshimura canisters and it rocks
> the neighborhood.  Mine will be from Two Brothers Racing.
> http://www.twobros.com/cgi-bin/shopper?search=action
> art=0&template=Templates/TBRSearchResult-Simple-Suz-SV1000-SO.html>
> V1000-SO.html
> Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Stay safe, love your family and hold
> your friends dear.  This shit is all temporary so savor every moment.
> Craig
> MIG #2
> SV1000S
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