[Mig] Marauder horn question

Robert Williams robbo1@optonline.net
Mon, 03 May 2004 16:26:16 -0400

That sound like the problem, thanks.
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Hi Rob,

Have never checked it myself, but it sounds like the Marauder's horn
button is switching the negative lead, and the (original) horn element
is isolated from the frame in its mounting i.e. ungrounded.

There are a number of different styles of car horns out there; sounds
like you have one which uses a frame ground for its negative connection,
and expects a switched positive connection to turn it on and off. 
They're easily identifyable as they're often a "one wire" connection.

You'll need to either mount the horn you have now  in such a way that
it's electrically isolated from the bike's frame & connect the switched
lead from the Marauder's horn circuit to the casing of the auto horn, or
use a different type of horn.

Hope this helps,


>>> Robert Williams <robbo1@optonline.net> 04/05/02 4:51:03 pm >>>
I'm trying to put a car horn on my rauder. It seems like the horn is
getting power, is this correct? every time the car horn touch the
forks, it
Vie grounded the horn  the frame, made sure the proper wires were
to the correct leads, still I have trouble. when I checked with a
multi-meter, I get a voltage reading even when I don't hit the horn .
Rob "Wet Willie" Williams
MIG #2898
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