The Gammon Family thegammons@verizon.net
Sun, 30 May 2004 20:03:30 -0400

Hi all

Sure is quiet today!

I'm 90% finished with my Marauder belt drive installation.

When I'm done, I'll make a link available so you can see what entails (or is
that words entrails?)

No, it was not difficult, and I can give you a couple of tips.

The instructions are pretty good, and the install, so far, has been very
slick. I still have to locktite and torque the front sprocket down (it takes a
32 mm or 1-1/4"socket and no, an open-end will not work). A point: the back
belt pulley/sprocket has one side slightly deeper than the other, easily
missed. They differe by about 1/8" at the most. Reattach and adjust the rear
brake link, put the right tension on the belt and machine off a little tab on
the chain cover whatzit. No big deal, you can do it with an aluminum file
(deep curved teeth) or hacksaw carefully and then file. Me, I have a machine
shop, so I'll just mill it.

The install is clean, except cleaning all the chain wax off inside. Took a can
of Gunk and a round parts brush. God was it a mess!

BUT I have to leave in the am on a business trip, so I can't finish it until
thursday nite, at the earliest